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For my end of college existence academic essay of epic proportions.


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The Deal

I went to Ireland because I felt like I had to, for some unknown reason. I’ve come to the conclusion that there were many reasons why I had to go and why I had to go then and not a year from now. I needed to test something, push myself to the limit, travel to another country for the first time alone. I wanted to see how I would react, and almost (as cheesy as this sounds) see myself. It started out in a way, as a study in sociology and psychology, and ended up (because of the recession) a look at how much the United States affects the rest of the world. Not that the rest of the world doesn’t affect the U.S., but you’d be surprised.

I went to Ireland not long after Obama was inaugurated. Boy do they love him in Europe. Everyone I spoke to (the Irish talk a lot), had something to say about how Obama was going to change the world. I wonder what they would have told me if I had taken this trip after Bush was elected for his second term…. While I was there, I wanted to interview people and film their responses to “What do you think of Obama?” Too bad I didn’t have enough time to do that.

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The more research I do, the more I realize I’m in over my head with this paper. I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do about it… Maybe it’ll end up being more of a research project for the quarter rather than a full on paper. If I had started this thing at the beginning of the school year, rather than the last quarter I could probably finish it.

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I’ve been doing research for my paper on how the U.S. economy affects the rest of the world. It is proving to be as complicated and in depth as I thought it would be. Too much information. I think this is going to take longer than I anticipated.

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I have had major jet-lag, but I seem to be okay so far today. I’m back from Ireland. It was amazing. I only shot about an hour of footage and I don’t think I can make it into a short film. But that’s okay. I did come up with a ton of documentary ideas while I was there. I feel like this trip was meant to recharge my creativity. My life had become so monotonous and boring that I couldn’t even try to be creative anymore. I took over 300 photos while in Ireland and some of them are really good. I think I’m going to write a paper in the next week on the affects the U.S. economy has on the rest of the world. Ireland and the UK in general is going through a terrible recession as well, and it seems that most people there are blaming the U.S. I’d like to explore this more. See, I think the trip worked. I actually want to write a paper. Neat. 😀 There’s my project friends, the affect the U.S. economy has on the rest of the world. Then I’ll make a lovely power point presentation to include my photos and video. Oooo thesis paper. Better get started this weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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I think I found a good idea for my documentary. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. It may not work, it just depends, but I may as well try. And it doesn’t involve me traveling anymore than I already am.

Going to Killarney in less than 2 hours. Won’t have the internet until tomorrow afternoon.

And just for the hell of it, a full Irish breakfast contains:

Baked Beans
Bacon (I call it Bacon Ham because it’s super thick and not crunchy)
Black Pudding (congealed blood, ew)
Coffee or Tea

… Probably a few other things, too many things to remember. Kind of ridiculous, eh?

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Ireland Photos

Are available here:

Of course, more to come.

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